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Hey guys I had to start a blog for school. I'll just type in what I wrote for that because I think It is very interesting for you guys to find out these things about me. 

My name is Zelena Hull. I’m a singer-songwriter musician. I started singing when I was 11 and started to do professional gig work when I was 12. I’ve sang at the Nashville place, best singer in the district, multiple restaurants, freedom fest, Greer idol, multiple competitions (a lot taking place in hotels), before the pandemic I did a lot of busking, and much more.  I was a periluminal judge on best singer in the state when I was 16, which I am the youngest judge ever for the competition. I’ve had multiple interviews and worked with Grammy winning artists in Nashville. Ever since the pandemic hit however, my life has changed. My music career is on halt. 

I listen to a lot of types of music. My favorite tends to be rock from the 1990's backward. Bob Dylan is one of my favorites because the cutting commentary on life and hardship. Older Hip-Hop I like because of this very same reason. “Gangster’s Paradise" is one of my favorite songs not only due to the issues conveyed but the hook of the song. 

1.An example that means something personal to me. 
I've always come back to the song "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas. There's something about the lyrics describing the inevitable march of time that hooks me in every time. It's an easy song to listen to, but you can also dig deep into its depictions of time moving on. This song is also very beautiful and the chord progressions fit perfectly in with the motif. 

2.An example of music that I started listening to during the pandemic which means something to me. 
A song that I started to listen to since the pandemic started was Chuck Berry's "Maybellene". I was introduced to this song in American popular music during the fall semester of 2020. I don't really listen to much music recreationally, but this stood out for me. Chuck Berry was an artist that crossed the race barrier and was one of the major figures contributing to the rock n' roll revolution. This stuck with me because even years later we still are facing similar issues as they did in the early half of the 20th century. I also can't seem to get this song out of my head. 

3.An example of music that I have a hard time connecting to. "Wap" by Cardi B. 
I noticed that there is a disconnect with a lot of my peers in music. I don't understand why the lyrics of a song would be written to be this vulgar. I know that's subjective, but some of the inappropriate words are repeated in excess in this genre. I really don't like it when a woman's value is equated to her sexuality in media. I know people like rhymes and fast beats to dance to, but I think there's a limit. Some people listen to songs without looking at the words and I can understand how they can miss the scope of the vulgarity. Some people are fine with it as well. Personally, I belief if a song has profanity or sexual imagery in it, it has to be for a reason. The song needs to illustrate a point about life or society. I noticed that the vast majority of Rap and Hip-Hop songs have moved on from hardships into money and fame. This flex culture however is wearing thin during a pandemic where people are losing their livelihoods and lives. The luster of celebrity culture and worship of fame/money is starting to fade. I think this song is popular because it's catchy, but I believe that it is missing the edge of commentary that it needs to be great. Vulgarity  gets people's attention, but if you don't have a message the attention is rendered moot.

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