Adventures in Feburary

I also recently attended a lecture of sorts at Wofford University that peaked my interest. This Lecture was called Creativity, collaborations, and communal uplift: the careers of Southern women artists. This was manly about women's suffrage and the music related to it. They would write songs and sing them in protest of the unfair treatment of women, because in many places they could not speak it. They would also use current songs of that era and put pro suffrage messaging in the songs. 

I also went to a student government meeting (SGA for short) at my college which I am currently working on 2 Bachelor degrees. The speeches reminded me of political speeches although more off the cuff and felt more like my generation. Speaking of school I am currently going to college and working on a Bachelor's degree in music and a Bachelor's degree in Business administration with a concentration in marketing. 

I also went to an art gallery opening called Determined to Soar which had very interesting art. I asked the artist about what inspired her and it took me a while to get an answer from her though. I asked her when she walked in the door (I mean not as soon as she walked in, but...) and she said "Did you read the pamphlet?" I said no and she then said it was in there and walked off to greet other guests at the art reception. I spent a while pondering reading and all I could see was that she was an art teacher. I asked if that had inspired her and she said "No. Look around what do all the paintings have in common?" I looked around all I saw were faceless people paintings and I replied "colors, no faces." She then said "They are all women. I'm inspired by being a woman." To be honest I couldn't tell that any of the faceless people were women, I guess that's a inspiration that 50% of the population or more might share based on her observation.

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