Frito-Lay: Controversy and Innovation

Table of contents 

Background Information 
Marketing Mix and Target Market 
Controversy by Association 
Break down of Ads and Collaborations 

          Background Information 

            Frito-Lay is part of the snack food industry, it creates food items that are easy to grab…


Traditional Mongolian Music.

I did this for school intally, but I figured I would share it with you guys. I have text versions of each link on my blog. Copy and paste if you want to listen to the examples. I hope you…


American Roots music by Zelena Hull

The first music that I started listening to when I was eight was rock & roll. A lot of the stuff I listened to where British invasion bands such as the Rolling Stones. I did listen to a lot of…



Hi guys, I did this as a paper for one of my classes last semester. I hope you guys like it. All together the project was 3,212 words and took me 3 months to complete. 

            Executive Summary 

            Voice activated assistants…


My music culture

Hey guys I had to start a blog for school. I'll just type in what I wrote for that because I think It is very interesting for you guys to find out these things about me. 

My name is Zelena…


Adventures in Feburary

I also recently attended a lecture of sorts at Wofford University that peaked my interest. This Lecture was called Creativity, collaborations, and communal uplift: the careers of Southern women artists. This was manly about women's suffrage and the music related…

Just a Cinderella Story - New EP Released

New Music out January 2020.  Recorded in the heart of America’s Country Music Nashville Tennessee, this album has one of a kind sound experience. Players on the instrumentals include players who worked with some of Music’s greatest talent. Keyboard was…

Zelena’s New EP “In Love With You” Released

On June 14th 2019, Zelena’s newest EP titled “In Love With You” goes on sale worldwide distributed to over 100 countries internationally.  I am so excited.  Until then we are asking if you can pre-order the album at Amazon or…


New Lyric Video Of I Believe

Nice new lyric video of Zelena’s song I Believe which was released in December 2016 after the 100th anniversary of the World War 1 Christmas Truce.  Enjoy!