Zelena’s New EP “In Love With You” Released 

On June 14th 2019, Zelena’s newest EP titled “In Love With You” goes on sale worldwide distributed to over 100 countries internationally.  I am so excited.  Until then we are asking if you can pre-order the album at Amazon or Itunes as they report pre-sales on music charts like Billboard.  One of the easiest ways to hit the music charts is on music release.


Why is it important to chart?  When music is released by emerging artists like me and it has charted it shows the people who make decisions in the music business how serious and dedicated the artist is.  It helps me when it comes to booking gigs, radio play consideration, getting onto streaming playlists, and access to interviews.    I cannot thank you enough for your help!  Please select one of the two vendors below to purchase the song pre-release.


Flashback : Zelena singing the Star Bangled Banner for Governor Jeb Bush 

In 2015 we were at a charity event cooking turkeys for the homeless two days before thanksgiving with NASCAR Driver Red Bordner.  In the evening after leaving the event we went to the Beacon Drive Inn in Spartanburg, S.C.  At the event someone recognized Zelena and the next thing one of the owners of the Beacon came up to Zelena as she was eating and asked her if she would perform the National Anthem for Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.  Zelena said yes and literally 3 minutes later she was singing.  In the pictures I was able to grab, Zelena is seen speaking to Governor Bush afterward.



Nice article about Zelena in Upstate Parent Magazine 

Teen singer uses her music to raise awareness for autism

In case you missed it, the February edition of Upstate Parent Magazine wrote a featured article on Zelena.  The article was very nicely written and well received.  We would like to thank Upstate Parent Magazine for the featured article in February’s edition.  You can find it in search by searching the phrase Zelena Hull Upstate Parent.


A Moment To Say Thank You 


Looking back at 2017 I cannot believe like so many other people, how quickly it has passed.  It certainly was a year to remember.  Like so many of you I want to thank everyone for your hard work and dedication.  It couldn’t have been possible without so many great people.

Here is a few things that happened in 2017:

I was mentioned in a new book by Author Lynne White.  Thank you Lynne.

My Twitter following reached 10,000 followers.  It also declined some.  But thank you followers.

My Facebook reach just hit 5,000 followers at the close of the year.  Thank you everyone!

We distributed several hundred copies of my new EP which was released in December 2016 titled ‘6 Feet Under’.  Thank you so much everyone!

We got to meet Rick Barker at a wonderful event in Nashville, which was great since we love working with Rick.  -If your a musician you need to work with him!  Thank you Rick.

I have been maintaining my ‘A’ average in the South Carolina Virtual Charter School.  I was also offered to consider early placement in college because I had met all graduation requirements two years early.  I chose to stay in SCVCS High School and remain in advanced placement classes so I can also focus on Music.  Thank you so much #SCVCS

Thank you so much for all the stations and DJ’s who have been giving me interviews, airplay, etc..  I really means a lot, thank you!

These are some of my highlights, but again thank you so much everyone.

Find out more about Zelena at www.zelenahull.com



Zelena Hull’s New song release ‘I Believe’ draws powerful inspiration 


(Spartanburg, SC) – Today Platinum Z Records announced the addition of a new single released by emerging country singer/songwriter, Zelena Hull. “On November 12th we finished mastering the song in Nashville”, said Edward Hull, president of Platinum Z Records. “ We had just finished up our finalizing for Zelena’s new EP titled ‘6 Feet Under’ when we decided we also needed to push for the release of her new Christmas song ‘I Believe’. Once we heard the preliminary drafts we knew we had to move quickly. We called Kenny Lee, who is a good friend of ours in Nashville and I asked if he could immediately fit us in for a recording session” said Hull.
This song is about the Christmas Truce of 1914. In 1914 during World War 1 the Pope sought a truce on Christmas day but the waring nations refused to give in. Soldiers were trained that fraternization with the enemy was an act of treason. On Christmas Eve the British and Germans over heard one another singing “Silent Night.” They started singing louder and louder which lead to a cease fire. The song is based on this true story of the German and British troops on the front lines in Europe. Afterward they began giving each other small gifts, sharing supplies, food, medical supplies, and even had a good will soccer game.
The backdrop is a beautiful haunting melody that sets the stage. As the song starts it describes the wars horrific conditions. Then it transforms into a mesmerizing song of hope as it describes “two arcs drawn in Deadman’s land” symbolizing each solider telling the opposing forces I am a Christian, Merry Christmas. An early secret code of Christianity, the fish symbol was used as two people would greet each in ancient Rome by drawing the arc of the one side of the fish to be finished by the other so both would know they were Christian. They did this as Christians were heavily persecuted. This is symbolic of each other’s faith that became the Christmas Truce of 1914 and ends in restored faith in humanity.
Zelena wrote the song because she remembered her father telling her of the Christmas story when she was young and it made an impression on her. One day when she wanted to start working on a new song and the memories of the Christmas Truce story was on her mind. Zelena said “why don’t I write something about it and come back again later, if I get stuck.” Two days later it was finished.
Edward said “When soldiers who are facing chemical weapons attacks, frostbite, starvation, and unimaginable horrors can stop fighting and respect each other it makes you wonder how different the world would be if we could follow their example.”