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I'm going to release a single every week starting September 16, 2022. It would be awesome if you could share the journey with me. I'm planning to release at least 60 or more songs. I did this all at home while learning recording software at school. The pandemic heavily inspired me to do this.  I wanted to do something special. I hope you guys like it!

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Black Train

Zelena Hull

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Black Train

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This song is inspired by the old west and the common struggles that characterized the frontier.

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I would appreciate a donation, purchase, or just sharing my music. :)

Music speaks to people. Every facet of our lives usually has music attached to it somewhere. It's amazing to contribute to that; a little bit of happiness in someone's life.

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Mini Bio

Zelena Hull is a singer-songwriter-musician who started her journey at 11 right after she was diagnosed with Autism. She first started with vocal lessons and singing competitions. Zelena won multiple awards and competitions including Best Singer in the District. Soon after she started practicing the guitar with the help of Dan Caston. Two months after she started playing the guitar, she wrote her first song "Serious." Soon after more songs came down the pipeline. She then came out with her album "6ft Under" and Christmas single "I believe." They were recorded in Nashville by KLP records and by South Eastern Sound Studio. Zelena then was invited to judge Best Singer in the State when she was only 16 and is still the youngest judge to date. After numerous gigs, she then released the Eps "In love with you" in 2019, "Just a Cinderella Story" in 2020, and "Hello" on March 20th 2022. As of now, she has written a total of 650 songs.